Rangoli is a decorative traditional folk art from India. It is made in living rooms and floors during Hindu festivals like Diwali. Get the latest rangoli designs and rangoli pictures and decorate your home this DIWALI and make your house more beautiful

Diwali Rangoli Designs

A colourful design called a Rangoli is made near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. Traditionally they are painted or created out of coloured sand/rice powder. A symmetrical design or picture (Gods, Goddess, Dancers, Diwas etc.) is drawn and coloured rice powder/sand is then layered on top to form a picture.

A symmetrical design like the one opposite can be drawn on paper or card and then decorated by children with crumpled tissue paper. Also sand could be used, mixed with paint or coloured with food colourings. (mix sand with water coloured with food colourant, pour off excess and leave to dry in a warm place). Chalk could also be used to draw a Rangoli directly on to paving stones in a secure outside area.

Rangoli designs